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About Us 
Devra Renner, M.S.W.

Devra Rennerm, M.S.W. (Northern VA) is a clinical social worker with over a decade of experience working with children and their families in school, community, home, summer camp, and hospital settings. She is the mother of two sons.

Aviva Pflock, B.A., A.B.S.

Aviva Pflock, B.A., A.B.S. (Loveland, CO) is a certified parent education and child-development specialist, as well as a grant writer and administrator. She is the mother of two daughters and one son.

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What People are saying about us:

"Aviva and Devra gave our nursery school parents a light hearted look at parenting.  They were informative and fun as they presented tips on "keeping your cool" while raising your kids.  Our audience laughed their way through the evening, while feeling that they are not alone in the child-rearing process.  Everyone had a great evening out--free of guilt!"

Beth Kiffel 
Director Sara Walker Nursery School
Jewish Community Center Stamford Connecticut

"Devra gave an interactive and fun presentation to our Mother of Multiples club. We all took away reminders that we do not need to be so hard on  ourselves as parents, we need to keep in mind that life does not have to be 'perfect', and hat we need to find time for  ourselves to do the things we want/need to do in order to be good, guilt free parents! "

Lisa Held, President
Tampa Bay Area Mothers of Multiples
Tampa, Florida

"Devra spoke to our multiples club and for me, the presentation gave me insight to some things I knew but was in denial.  Here are a few of my notes (the teacher that I am):

     --It is important to find time to do the things we want to do.
     --Schedule time with your spouse and take a look back to when you 
        were dating, find something you enjoyed then and do it.
        (Miniature golf, walk on the beach, etc.)
     --Lighten up, life doesn't have to be “perfect.”  It can be “good.”
     --We need to ease up on ourselves.  Sometimes we are too tough on 
     --If it works great, keep doing it.  If not, move on.

Jessica Kraker,  1st Vice President
Tampa Bay Area Mothers of Multiples
Tampa, Florida

"Devra and Aviva led a lively discussion in a relaxed setting about raising children, motherhood and the guilt that we all live with. There was a terrific turnout because this is a subject that resonates with many moms. More than 20 moms gathered for the discussion, far more than the typical book club turnout."

Jenny Paul
Book Club Coordinator
Mothers & More, Greater Wayne County Chapter
Wayne, New Jersey


"Devra Renner was wonderful and the women were inspired!  The program for our “Got Mommy Guilt?” Young Women's Division Campaign event was a perfect fit with the book.  The women had various questions and enjoyed the presentation.  This was an educational and meaningful event for young mothers and it was great!"

Brooke Forster
Event Planner
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County Florida

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