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Does Britney Spears bring out your inner guilt?

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Have you read this article in New York Magazine ? Here is what I wrote in the comments at New York Magazine’s site:

It’s possible that for one particular group of moms being unfulfilled is an inducer of guilt, however our research points to Yelling as the number one inducer of guilt. (With the one exception of mothers of infants who aren’t yelling yet.) There are quite a few inducers of guilt for mothers, both internal and external. As for Britney, most mothers I have come in contact with have stated they feel very sad for Britney; from the perspective of “She’s a mom, I’m a mom” as well as “I have a daughter, she’s a daughter” and lastly “I’m a daughter, she’s a daughter.” Most women recognize someone they know in Britney and can relate positively or negatively to that.

It looks to me like Britney has indeed been stoned in public, but I am of the opinion it is more likely to be the drugs, and definitely a large chunk of the press , doing it to her rather than other parents.

Am I high?