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Media Coverage - Hello Muddah, Internet Fodder 
August 05, 2009

Washington Times - Getting through summer requires cooperation on kids
July 26, 2009

New York Post - This One's For Mom
May 12, 2008

Woman's Day Magazine - Get Parenting Advice from
April 2009

The Associated Press - Parents to kids: What’s so darn funny? - Parenting & Family
June 2009 

Parenting Magazine  - 5 ways to make road trips fun for kids, parents - Parenting & Family
July 2009 

Root and - Beat the Bedtime Blues with a Sure-Fire Sleep Solution for Your Preschooler
May 2009

Parents -  New-Parent Social Rules: Where You Can Take Baby: Sporting Events
March 2009

The Washington Post - Retailers Report a Crisis in All Aisles
December 5, 2008

Baby Center - Eight discipline experts reveal their secrets
June  2008

Baby Center - How to recover from a bad birth experience
October 2008

Baby Center - Seven tricks to staying consistent on discipline
April 2009  Dating Your Kids Helps Keep Sibling Rivalry In Check
May 2009

Baltimore's Child - Your Special Child - December 2008
Dec, 2008 - Is Your Kid Really Gifted?
August 27, 2009

iMediaConnection - It's a Bloggers World. Learn to Fit In
Aug 6, 2008

ValleyWag - NBC's iVillage mommying BlogHer with $5 million
July 2008

USA Today - Parents Quit the Hovering
June, 2008

New York Post - This One's For Mom
May 12, 2008

Women 24 - No More Mommy Guilt
May, 2008

BabyCenter - Top 7 mommy guilt trips -- and how to handle them -
May, 2008

Parenting Magazine
Kiss Mommy Guilt Goodbye
April, 2008

PBS Parents - Experts
Guest Experts for March 2008

Woman's Day Magazine - Give in to Peer Pressure? Me?
February, 2008

ABC News - Preschoolers Behaving Badly
January 24, 2008

ABC NewsAre Fans Still Under the Potter Spell?
October 23, 2007

New York Times - Sometimes Mothers Can Do No Right
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chicago Daily HeraldThe power of mommy bloggers
November 27, 2007

Advertising Age - That Supermom in Your Ad? Real Moms Can't Stand Her
October 29, 2007

Memphis Parent  Is Your Pediatrician a Good Fit?
October 2007

OC Family Magazine  Mommy guilt: When to tune in and when to tune out 
Sept 2007

ABC News - New Cell Service Blocks Kids' Calls, Texts, Downloads
Sept, 5, 2007  Also appears on ESPN -  New Cell Service...

Argus Leader - Hey, moms, are you feeling guilty? You shouldn't be.
October 13, 2007

The Arizona Republic - It's Natural for Moms, Even the Best, to Feel Guilt, Authors Say
Oct. 8, 2007

Mummy and Me  Book Club
For Mothers By Mothers

Lesli Foster WUSA9 News Blog MomSpeak Give "Mommy Guilt" the Boot!
Sept 14, 2007

The News Journal. Wilmington, Delaware -  Take our Guilt Please 
July 29, 2007

Washington Parent Magazine
Pediatrician vs Parent Perspectives: Communication Is Key
August, 2007 - Getting Over New-Mom Guilt
Babytalk, October 2006

Philadelphia Tribune - Parents Spend More Time with Kids, but Angst Continues
May 8, 2007 - Showbiz - Your Life - STOP FEELING GUILTY
March 22, 2007

Washington Post:  Despite 'Mommy Guilt' Time With Kids Increasing
March 20, 2007

Podcast: Military Parents, Jan 2007
By Parents' Perspective

Mamazine :: Less Guilt, More Mama:, October 14, 2006
An Interview With Mommy Guilt Authors Aviva Pflock and Devra Renner

MomTalk Radio's Podcast
Episode 29: 04-19-06: Mommy Guilt Learn to worry less, focus on what matters most, and raise happier kids 
Download Episode.

iParenting Television Media Awards
Interview , (Click "books" and "A. Pflock, D.Renner" to watch the interview online.)

The Globe and Mail
Motherhood is Boring, August 19, 2006

American Baby magazine, June 2006
MSN Lifestyle - Family & Parenting 
Making (and Breaking) Your Parenting Goals

The Boston Globe
Cease-fire for Moms, May 14, 2006

Bookmark: Mommy Guilt

Mothers Movement Online
Are We Having Fun Yet 

Rocky Mountain News 07/18/2005
Guilty Pressures

Rocky Mountain News 07/18/2005
Kid anecdotes show mothers are just human

Rocky Mountain News 07/18/2005
Child-care departure strategy can help son
By Aviva Pflock and Devra Renner, Special to the News

Wichita Eagle  07/14/2005 
Getting over the guilt 

Woman's World Magazine, July 2005
right column closeupfull page layout

Lifestyle - The Coloradoan, June 21, 2005
Getting Over Mommy Guilt 

KSNW - TV Interview  WICHITA, Kansas, May 08, 2005 
Authors Help You Handle Mommy Guilt - Download and view the story!

Shreveport Times, April 2, 2005
Former Bossier City woman's book "Mommy Guilt" in stores

Washington Examiner, Thursday, April 21, 2005 
Don't be a slave when preparing for Pesach

Boston Herald Friday, April 22, 2005
The Guilt Factor, Feb 28, 2005
Raising 'em by the Book

Downtown Women's Club
Book Review

Greenville Online
3 books for mommies

Kansas City Star, May 3, 2005
Moms serve themselves large helpings of guilt

The Tampa Tribune, May 5, 2005
A Bundle Of Guilt

Mother's Book Bag
Suggested Reading

Nashville Parent Magazine
Mom's World BITS

KSNW-TV, Wichita, KS,  May 08, 2005 
Authors HelpYou Handle Mommy Guilt

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, May 24, 2005
Let Guilt Go

Appleton Post-Crescent, December 4, 2005 
Julie Gilkay column: 'Mommy Guilt' is a daily reality

ForeWord - July/August 2005 
ForeSight: Parenting: Frontline Parenting: Confronting the Issues that Challenge Families 

Mommy Guilt book review

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