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About the Book 

Mommy Guilt: Learn to Worry Less, Focus on What Matters Most, & Raise Happier Kids

This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of over 1,300 parents -- 96% of whom reported that they felt guilty about some aspect of parenting. The most common include yelling, family time, work choices, school, and sports. Mommy Guilt offers straightforward principles for handling these and many other common issues - as well as for dealing with everyday challenges that frequently add up to feelings of guilt.

Through practical, tried-and-true tips, anecdotes, quizzes, and worksheets, Mommy Guilt illustrates how moms can fend off the guilt and focus on what really matters.

Sample Chapters

Read some  sample chapters of Mommy Guilt!
Chapter 1
Chapter 3

From the back cover:

Have you ever felt that to be a good parent, you need to be superhuman? Like millions of parents, you’ve got Mommy Guilt: a feeling that your family is suffering because you can’t do everything. 

The authors of Mommy Guilt wanted to know what causes these potentially overwhelming feelings. They performed a thorough survey of more than 1,300 parents, and the results point to many factors, some of the most common being yelling, lack of family time, work choices, and tension over school and extracurricular issues. Mommy Guilt explores these factors and many others and offers seven straightforward principles for turning our hectic, stressed, guilt-inducing ways of life into more nurturing, healthful experiences for ourselves and our families. 

Check out who recommends our book!

"Mommy Guilt is a book whose time has come. The seven principles of the Mommy Guilt-Free Philosophy are clearly and precisely stated and the language empowers moms with children  between the ages of two through twelve and even beyond."
—Patricia Henderson Shimm,
Associate Director, Barnard College Toddler Center; author, Parenting Your Toddler 

"Helpful hints and a hopeful message for self-doubting mothers: Get Over It! Guilt is the most useless emotion in the world." 
Ann Crittenden, author, The Price of Motherhood and If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything 

"This volume provides overstressed parents with developmentally appropriate guidance, information, and activities, all designed to increase the joys and satisfactions of being a parent in today’s world." 
Phyllis M. Cohen, Associate Clinical Professor, Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine 

"The authors' reassuring tone, sound advice and dozens of real-life examples make Mommy Guilt a terrific resource for parents. Readers will learn how to banish those guilty feelings and start enjoying being a mom."
Martha M. Bullen, coauthor, Staying Home: From Full-time Professional to Full-time Parent

Table of Contents 

Part 1 Introducing Mommy Guilt 
Chapter 1. The Pitter-Patter of Guilt 
Chapter 2. When You Hear the Mommy Guilt—Tune It In or Turn It Off 
Chapter 3. The Seven Principles of the Mommy Guilt-Free Philosophy 
Chapter 4. Giving Birth to Guilt 
Chapter 5. The Start of First-Rate Parenting Choices (and the End of Second-Rate Childhood Habits) 

Part 2 The Stuff of Guilt 
Chapter 6. Yippee! Guilt-Free Yelling 
Chapter 7. Throttle Down That Tone of Voice, Part Two 
Chapter 8. A Parent’s Guide to (Almost) Stress-Free Housekeeping 
Chapter 9. The Guilty Gourmet 
Chapter 10. Family Time and the Fair-Fight Zone 
Chapter 11. Husbands as Fathers 
Chapter 12. School-Yard Guilt 
Chapter 13. Working on Guilt 
Chapter 14.  A Sporting Case of Mommy Guilt—or Is It Stage Fright? 
Chapter 15. An Extraordinary Guilt 
Chapter 16. Other Issues That Cause Guilt 

Part 3 Building on Your Mommy Guilt-Free Foundation 
Chapter 17. Time: How to Make It, How to Take It, and How to Spend It, Guilt-Free 
Chapter 18. Guilt-Free Pleasure—Time with Your Spouse 

Part 4 Appendices 
Appendix A. Take the Mommy Guilt Survey! 
Appendix B. Helpful Hints: Food Staples to Keep in Your House 
Appendix C. Emergency Guilt-Relief Guide 
Appendix D. Additional Reading 

Mommy Guilt is available at Barnes & Noble and  Amazon, and other retail bookstores.

Mommy Guilt

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